WalterDrake Headboard Light
WalterDrake Headboard LightWalterDrake Headboard Light

WalterDrake Headboard Light

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Product Description

Color:Cream Hook this retro-style over-the-bed light with shade onto your headboard so it directs light right over your shoulder and onto your book, rather than off to one side from a nightstand. Perfect for reading or knitting in bed, this bed light is simple to turn off when you get drowsy; just reach for the pull chain and nod comfortably off! Easy to move or adjust without tools or fuss; over-bed lighting slips on with 2 wire-coated hooks that won’t mar or scratch your headboard. Classic cream-colored pleated shade offers a soft glow that won’t light up the entire room or disturb a sleeping partner; uses a 40 watt bulb or lower (not included). 11′ long x 8 1/4′ wide x 7′ high with 63′ cord; fits headboards up to 1 1/2′ thick.


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